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Intended General Layout

Geography of Aesaana This page will link to the main article on how the world is laid out. From there, sub-links will lead to the 12 segments that make up the globe, each further subdividing into regions, with the intent being to (over time) fill out the general layout and eventually greater details of the world as a whole. Each page should, ideally, link to the maps it concerns.

Faiths and Pantheons Here the gods of Aesaana will be described, from their combat statistics (using Deities and Demigods) to the usual behaviors of their followers, their portfolios, their granted domains, etc. If it involves divine magic, it will be dealt with in this section.

Rules of the Game What books are in use? What rules have been tweaked, modified, or outright replaced? This all goes here.

HTML and Textile

To style things how you want, you can use either HTML (with some restrictions) or a simple formatting language called Textile. It’s up to you, but Textile is pretty easy, while simultaneously allowing for lots of customization.

Main Page

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